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The Wine Society

In this product promotion project our client needed to create an offer to stimulate sales of the Top 30 best-selling own label wines and asked us to create a bold contemporary brochure design.

The brief involved creating a completely different look and feel for the literature, following market research feedback suggesting the current creative was not hitting the mark. The findings concluded the society needs to inject more personality and excitement into it’s marketing to help transform how it is perceived by existing and potential members. The aim of a design re-fresh, was to come across as more friendly, adventurous, affordable, modern and fun: with the objective of recruiting more young and female members to the society.

Having been given free rein to push the creative envelope and move away from the more traditional brand style, the team had lots of fun exploring a number of creative executions.

The shortlisted brochure design concept called “Crafted For You,” was built around a spread of natural sunny landscape settings, made to look like a paper cut out scene, with a textured and layered feel. This creative was selected because it helps to express the craft that goes into making The Society and Exhibition wine ranges.

Delivering the unique textured landscape involved designing the basic flat elements and then adding complex shadows and depth, by modelling these visuals in our C4D Software giving a far more three-dimensional feel.

The craft paper backdrop contrasts beautifully with the product photography which had to fit perfectly into the master design. This made the project all the more challenging requiring extra planning and art direction for the photo shoot.

Finally, to complete the crafted look and feel of the design, we carefully selected a high quality uncoated paper stock which really added to the over-all effect.

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