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A company-wide rebrand was required by Hill to reflect the nature and positioning of the now mature company, a Top 20 UK housebuilder, with more than 15 years of credentials.

Assessing the marketplace and Hill’s business needs, it was very clear that there was still value in core aspects of the brand identity, originally designed by Gosling: the bespoke logo symbol and colour orange are owned by Hill in their sector. There was a fast-established consensus that design evolution, not revolution, was needed and, collaborating with Andy Hill and his closest associates, the process of defining the balance of old and new was smooth and quick.

In 2000 Gosling designed the initial Hill brand identity. Since then the company has grown, from six to 300, and the business model has changed considerably. Gosling has worked closely with Hill as brand guardian and strategic design consultant throughout this period. As primary supplier of internal and external marketing communications, Gosling has been responsible for steering the visual perception of Hill through integrated marketing communications and high-profile one-off
strategic marketing project briefs.

In 2015, Hill received the coveted award of Housebuilder of the Year at the WhatHouse? Awards and also won in six out of eight categories. Gosling designed all eight submissions for the Top 20 housebuilder.

I have always been happy with the level of creativity, dedication and responsiveness from the team who design the majority of our corporate communications for both external and internal audiences.

Andy Hill
Founder and Chief Executive


Brand Identity


Business to business, business to consumer


Positioning, brand identity, guidelines, tone of voice, art direction, livery, signage, digital marketing, web copy, printed communications

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