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A-T Society

The A-T Society is a charity committed to providing support and finding a cure or treatment for the rare neurodegenerative condition Ataxia-Telangiectasia. The Society wanted to enhance their profile with existing members and within the charity sector.

Gosling worked with the society to re-brand, designing a new identity to improve public perception, clarify purpose and position the society with impact in the increasingly competitive charity sector.

In designing the logo, we explored the sensation of feeling unbalanced, one of the first symptoms of the condition. An offset open-sided triangle was the symbol chosen, developed and refined.

To position the charity and create a brand personality that was friendly and accessible we added vibrant brand colours and a rounded font. We developed three key brand messages – awareness, research, care – to define its mission to an external audience. We completed the re-brand by providing tone of voice guidance and art direction across all printed communication literature.

The new brand identity was launched – and enthusiastically received – at the A-T Society’s annual family day where it was applied to everything from the printed annual report to branded promotional items such as balloons, t-shirts and cupcakes.

We are so fortunate in finding an agency able to engage with us in understanding the society and what we want to achieve and help us to express this through the new branding. The society is moving forward and we could not have achieved this with words alone.

William Davis
Chief Executive


Brand Development


Business to business, business to consumer


Positioning, identity, guidelines, tone of voice, art direction, content, signage, printed communications, advertising

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