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29 May


The influence of mid-century design

May 29, 2017 | By |

museum of brands photos

We popped in to visit The Museum of Brands, Packaging & Advertising’s and it made us consider just how much midcentury design has influenced current trends in Illustration and Design… The 1950’s and 60’s saw an explosion of colour and freedom that still excites today. We suggest you take a look at the work of American artist David Klein, as pictured in our blogpost’s feature image, to see this artistic revolution in full swing. Read More

27 Jul


What does it mean to be a type consumer?

July 27, 2015 | By |


Swedish studio Snask’s handmade letterforms for The Washington Post

Typography is ubiquitous. Like all visual language, it is ingrained in everyday life, whether we notice it or not! A couple of weeks ago we were invited to Animal Studio in Bedford to take in the opening of their latest exhibition ‘The Art Of Type’. As we enjoyed the company and talents of the local creatives, we considered whether anyone is ever really out of office – designer or not – when it comes to type. Read More

06 Jul


Latest design work: ACCOLADE™ technical animation for Boston Scientific

July 6, 2015 | By |


One of the key communication tools we produced for Boston Scientific’s MRI Unlimited* range of pacemakers is a technical animation designed to reach a wide audience of specialist cardiologists, electrophysiologists and radiologists across Europe.


Our client Boston Scientific initially asked us to think strategically about their new ACCOLADE product – which has the advantage of being compatible with both 1.5T and 3T (Tesla) MRI scanners – and to work closely with them on a product launch concept to be used across print and digital communications in Europe. Effectively a video brochure, the technical animation is being used partly to reach out remotely to new customers in hospitals and areas where Boston Scientific is under-represented in terms of dedicated sales representatives.

Read about our technical animation work for Boston Scientific ACCOLADE™ MRI

It is one of many communications we produced for the campaign, which included a printed product brochure and a character-led animation, targeted at both professional and patient audiences and all produced in five languages.

ACCOLADE™ Pacemaker Family Animation
Boston Scientific Europe
Published on 1 April, 2015