Cinema 4D

Creatives are continually striving to develop new ways to engage and inspire.  With a large array of tools at our disposal it can feel rather overwhelming!  Recently Gosling have been investing quite a lot of time and effort into understanding the best way to harness the power of Cinema 4D and in this article, we will endeavour to explain why!

What is Cinema 4D?

Basically, C4D is design software produced by Maxon. It is a creative tool enabling the user to create high impact visuals and special effects.  It is largely used in the engineering, architect and film industries.  Essentially it gives that extra visual dimension, delivering a more immersive, engaging experience for the viewer.

For a graphic design agency, the software has an incredible array of clever tools that allows us to be more creative, to develop and polish our design concepts. Whilst the big power brands have been harnessing it’s power for their marketing materials for some years it is now becoming increasingly accessible for SME’s.

Cinema 4D Gold man

How can it be used?

C4D is exceptionally powerful in helping to visualise ideas, taking a 2 D graphic and showing what it would look like in a real-life, physically accurate, three-dimensional way.

For example, agencies might use the technology to visualise product packaging concepts, bringing to life the branding for potential retailers.

Making sure something looks great from every angle or what it might look like in situ, is really very valuable indeed…. Nothing is left to the imagination!

What Are The Technical Benefits:

The Gosling design team use Octane which compared to other systems can render superior, photo-realistic images super-fast. In essence we love Octane because it is:

  • User friendly and fun to use!
  • Efficient and adaptable
  • Compatible with an array of great plug ins
  • Reliable GPU render engine

Our designers have really enjoyed experimenting with the vast array of visual effects and design tools.

Simply put, there is a step by step process, or workflow, by which you design your:

Model: Shaping a primitive object (e.g. a cone), then manipulating it’s form by extruding, sculpting and deforming it, to create a different shape entirely! In this way, a designer can transform the object by pinching, inflating or deflating for example. 

Texturing: You can create real life texture and finish (e.g. add dents in the surface or make it look glossy).

Lighting: A fab feature of C4D, is the ability to deliver extremely realistic lighting effects, by using high dynamic range images to light and entire scene. Whether you need to create an ambient effect or add sunlight, it is all achievable.

Animation: For added engagement and visual interest the final design or scene can also be animated within the C4D software. You can even design movement into the plane, for example you can create waves as realistic as the Pacific Ocean!

Extrusion: Once you are happy with your rendered masterpiece, you can extrude the image and use it as a creative asset in printed and digital marketing materials! The possibilities are endless!

Cinema 4D Lollies!

In essence the Gosling team are loving the power of C4D and the way it allows you to create unique organic shapes, intriguing backdrops and animated scenes that deliver incredible impact.

If you’re considering new marketing materials, packaging or branding then C4D is most definitely worth considering!

Feel free to get in touch to explore how you could harness the power of Cinema 4D to create impact and differentiate your brand.

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