Albion Application Desk Pad Team Crop

Albion Application Desk Pad Team

Albion Application Desk Pad Team Crop Middle

Albion Application Desk Pad Team Crop Top

Albion Applications Desk Pad Team

Albion Applications  Desk Pad Team Close Up

Engineers love a desk pad! Yes, it is a fact. And they loved the latest in the series of annual desk pads we produced for the Albion Applications division of our client Albion 4C Group.

For Albion Applications the desk pad is a core marketing asset. Each year a group of loyal and well known customers look forward to the latest incarnation in the series. There is always a variation, a subtle change in purpose – a todo list, a fun tip for what to do next with the used A2 sheet. This year we proposed the idea of team illustrations. We arranged a date, set up a pop-up studio and took some informal shots of the whole team. With a style in mind, one of our team turned each image into a simple, fun portrait. The Albion team loved their illustrated caricatures – they even asked us to make some screen savers. The customers loved their pads. The company values of real personal service and a non-hierarchical, non-siloed approach to business came across strongly in the approach to design and content choices.

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